Hymn to the Doe

Paul Fauteux

The boot-leather advance
ill suits the doe
peering from the glass
behind the kitchen faucet.

The time-displaced march
from the wide tree-root
strikes up a funeral dirge - 
the certainty of being
bugled by a pause,
a craned hind leg.

Her hoof rakes ticks
from her underbelly.
Enchantingly wax,
her huge, synoptic eyes - 

Bearing over discarded
wisps of honeysuckle - 
the form of the grass blade
honed by whipping steel.


about the writer


Paul Fauteux has published poetry in journals including Anima Magazine, Third Point Press, Ampersand, and others, in addition to contributing book recommendations to The Lit Pub.  "The Best Way to Drink Tea" is out from Plan B Press, and his manuscript for "How to Un-do Things" was a semi-finalist in the 11th Annual Slope Editions Book Prize.  He lives in Virginia, where he teaches high school English full-time.  Follow him on Twitter @fauteupb.