Our Story + Mission

COUNTERCLOCK is a not-for-profit arts organization committed to exploring the diversity, complexity, and resilience of the human experience through the creative and interdisciplinary arts.

Our mission is, and always has been, to heal, destigmatize, and empower through the arts, both literary and visual; to explore the diversity, complexity, and resilience of the human experience.

We hope to give dimension to voices that are commonly oversimplified and oppressed; we wish to highlight the beauty in what clings to the soft underbelly of a narrative polished for the mainstream media. We love the quotidian, and we love to question it.

We’d like to be taught something we don’t know; we’re attracted to experimentation, innovation, and beauty. We think there’s a vein of white light, a little bit of electricity, a red pulse in every field of the arts. We only ask that you be as honest as you can in your writing or art, whichever it is, and show us your story.

COUNTERCLOCK consists of two branches:

COUNTERCLOCK Journal, an international literary arts magazine founded in 2017 by Rachel Sucher

•the COUNTERCLOCK Arts Collective, an interdisciplinary arts fellowship founded in 2019 by Sarah Feng

Our Story

Rachel Sucher, Claire S. Lee, and Sarah Feng were classmates in an online writing workshop in summer of 2017 when Rachel brought forth the idea of a literary magazine that could give power to the voices of the marginalized and the underserved. A Facebook Messenger group chat was born, and through the early months of the school year, the three messaged furiously to create the first issue, evaluating submissions that slowly trickled in from artists across the globe. A website saw the light of the day, gaining readers by the week. A team gradually formed, a band of artistic individuals who shared our love for the arts. Issue 1 was published in November 2017, featuring Vakseen’s artwork on the cover.

Over the next years, the editor-in-chiefship passed from Rachel, to Claire, to Sarah, and while our team and look has changed in ways, our core mission has remained the same. We nominate for the major anthology awards, and we have been recognized by the Pushcart Prize and the Best of the Net Anthology. Past contributors include Khaty Xiong, Darren C. Demaree, Erick Piller, Christina Im, Heather Laurel Jensen, Audrey Kim, Tyler Barton, Vakseen, Dane Hamann, Ira Joel Haber, and more.

We hope COUNTERCLOCK treats you well, and that you experience the same lovely type of shiver we did when reading through these pieces.

– Sarah Feng

Editor-in-Chief of COUNTERCLOCK Journal, Program Director of the Arts Collective